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Schedule a run in the future

Yes. And you can do this with:

  • one checklist
  • many checklists using an import feature
  • a recurring checklist based on a calendar

Create a one checklist scheduled in the future

From the workflows page, click the button to use the workflow.

Then at the bottom of that new checklist run page, choose a date and time in the future, and your checklist run will be scheduled for that date. Everything else is the same as a normal run.

At the bottom of the new checklist form, you will see this option.

Which allows you to choose a date in the future.

Create many checklists for future dates

If you’re looking to create multiple checklists runs for a future time, please read the Import Checklist Runs article.

Recurring Checklists

If you’re looking to schedule a recurring checklists into the future, please read Creating a Recurring Checklist.

Updated on September 22, 2022

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