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What is a ‘Limited’ user?

This type of user can only see the checklist runs they have been assigned. They cannot see anything else in your account and they can’t create new checklist runs themselves.

The ‘Limited‘ user role is often used for people external to your organization such as clients, contractors and virtual assistants as well as users with a limited amount of usage of the checklist service.

What do they have access to?

Limited users can only see the specific checklist runs they’ve been added to. They can’t navigate to view your workflows and they can’t see any checklist runs or any other settings. You can also limit their views on the checklists they are assigned to such that they only see the specific steps they are assigned to. Here’s a video of what limited users experience.

Are they free? Yes.

You can have an unlimited number of these ‘Limited’ users and they won’t count toward your account’s subscription.

How do I create a Limited User

When creating users, you have the ability to choose their permissions level.

The differences of Admins, Users, Limited

Updated on November 17, 2021

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