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Understanding workflow expected duration

Due Dates

The expected duration of the workflow is used to automatically calculate a due date for every checklist run of that workflow.

The duration can be any integer and the units available are minutes, hours, and days.

In the above example, we have set the expected duration to be 90 minutes so if we schedule this workflow for 8am every Monday, the system will automatically set it’s due date for 9:30am – which is 90 minutes after it is started.

Expected Duration and Business Days

You also have the ability to configure business days. These days are used along with the expected duration to calculate the checklist due date.

For example, lets say you have defined your business days as Monday – Friday and the workflow has an expected duration of 5 days. If a new checklist run is started on a Thursday afternoon at 3pm, then the calculated due date will be the following Thursday afternoon at 3pm – the system will correctly exclude Saturday and Sunday when determining the checklist due date.

Updated on November 21, 2021

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