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The difference between Workflows and Runs

This difference here is a very important part of Manifestly.

Workflows are your standard processes and the starting point of using Manifestly. You create workflows for processes like Employee Onboarding, Weekly IT Tasks, etc. Then, each time you use a workflow, that’s called a checklist run and that is where your team checks off tasks and completes the work.


Let’s say you have a standard process for onboarding your employees. In Manifestly, that would be a New Employee workflow.

And then each time you use that New Employee workflow, that is a unique checklist run where you check items off. Each checklist starts as a clean slate of the workflow and is specific to that employee being onboarded – for example if you are onboarding Kate Smith, you’d use the New Employee workflow and that checklist run would be the Kate Smith – New Employee checklist – as seen in this video below.

Here’s a video showing the difference.

Workflow Settings

All settings you make in the workflow, such as data collection, assignments, expected duration are then the settings in each checklist of that workflow.

Updated on September 22, 2022

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