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Start a new run from completing a step in a different run

Often times you might want to create a new checklist run after a step in a different checklist is completed.

For example, let’s say you have a  New Tenant Application Checklist for an apartment listing and when you complete a step and answer Yes to that step, you want to automatically start an  Onboard Tenant Checklist. Here’s how…

Create a New Zap

To do this, you will use Zapier a 3rd party service we use to integrate Manifestly with almost any other service on the web. Zapier can also be used to integrate Manifestly with Manifestly (mind blown?).

You’ll create a Zap based on the completion of a checklist step.

Choose the workflow and step to use as the trigger.

Then choose the action…

And the workflow you want to start a new checklist. You have the ability to set the checklist participants, title of the run, etc.

Once you have finished with setting up the Zap, test it out with a test checklist run to ensure it is working.

Need to base the Zap on step data?

Not a problem. In that case you will insert a zap filter into the middle of the Zap that will check the step data and only continue if the data is what you want before creating the new checklist run.

Updated on September 22, 2022

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