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Slack Startup Guide – Users

The Manifestly Slack integration lets an organization create complex workflows and then use those workflows right within the Slack interface or on the web.

First: The difference between Workflows and Runs

Workflows are standard recurring processes such as Customer On-boarding, New Employee Orientation, Weekly IT Tasks, etc

Runs are unique instances when you use a workflow. Runs are a fresh start of the workflow where you do the work of completing tasks.

Runs: Using a Workflow

Runs Page

Within the web app, the runs page can be used to view all your in-progress runs as well as those that have been completed. You can filter the list based on workflow, status, participants, and even tags. This is where you would go to delete or archive a run or export data. Read more on using the runs page.


Each user in the system can adjust their notifications for both email and Slack. These notifications are sent for new run assignments, late runs, late run steps, and when you are mentioned in a comment. More on customizing your notifications.

Updated on March 26, 2024

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