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Installing the Manifestly – MS Teams Application

Our Microsoft Teams integration is in Beta and thus installing the app in Teams is a multi-part process where an Admin within your Teams account loads the application (via a zip file) and then after the application is loaded into your Teams account, users can then install the app as a personal tab.

These directions assume you have rights within Microsoft Teams to install third party applications. Talk with your Microsoft Teams administrator if you are unsure or to have them install this integration on your behalf. In the future, the Manifestly app will be listed in Microsoft App Source marketplace.

Step 1: Download the .zip file

First you’ll need to download the .zip file at this link. (Make sure you download the actual zip file, not the individual files separately.)

Step 2: Upload the .zip file into the apps within MS Teams

To do this:

  1. Click the Apps option in the lower left within Teams
  2. Click Manage Apps
  3. Click the box to upload an app
  4. Upload the .zip file

Step 3: Install the personal tab for yourself

Click the three dots in the left column to add a personal app. Search for Manifestly Checklists to find the app. 

Step 4: Connect your MS Teams account with Manifestly

Assuming your email address in Microsoft Teams is the same as that in Manifestly, you should be automatically connected with your Manifestly account and you should see your Manifestly dashboard within Microsoft teams. If this does not happen, please contact us.

Step 5: Ensure your timezone in Microsoft is correct

Setting due dates in Manifestly within Teams is dependent on having the correct timezone setting in both your Manifestly account and your MS Teams account. To set your timezone in Teams, go to this page. https://myaccount.microsoft.com/settingsandprivacy/language

In Manifestly, you can set your timezone here, assuming you are a master admin in the account.

Updated on December 20, 2022

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