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Can I purchase a number of seats?

Purchasing Seats is possible in Manifestly, but not commonly needed or used. Here are the details.

When you purchase a subscription for Manifestly, the price is based on the number of users in your account at that timeYou can add and remove users after subscribing and our system will automatically update your subscription. Basically in the same way that other services such as Slack and Google will update your subscription as you add/remove users.

If you wish to purchase a specific number of seats and then add users up to that amount, you can do that as well. This will put a hard cap at the number of users your team can add, and that’s what some organizations are looking for. You can still update the number of seats for your subscription, but that ability is limited to master admins.

If you end up not requiring the seats setting to manage your subscription, you can remove it and you’ll be back to the normal way that teams manage their subscription.

Updated on January 10, 2022

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