Departments can provide benefits in several situations

  • You have multiple locations and want to keep them separate
  • You have multiple departments in your company and want them separated
  • You want to have private checklists, that only you can see.

Basically, if you want to separate your teams and checklists, you can do that with departments.

Example 1: You have 3 departments and you want checklists, users, and activity to be separate for each department, you could do this.

In this case, Sarah, John, & Kelly will have access to everything, since they are within the main account. James & Mary can only use IT checklists and won't see anything in the other departments. The same goes for Susan & Eric in Accounting (they can only use those checklists) and Bob, Jeff, & Allison in Sales.

Multiple Locations

If you have multiple locations for your business, you can set each one up as its own department. This will help your teams organize their checklists more easily and manage team members more easily.


If you want to have checklist templates and runs that are hidden from other people in your organization, departments are how you would accomplish that. You can put your team into departments and create a separate department that they are not within. With that sturcture, they will not be able to see any checklists or activity in that private department.

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